After a few rainy days, today is a beautiful sunny day! I went for a walk to see what life is like on Sunday in this lovely Italian town. Today is for church and family, most shops are closed. How lovely to see couples and families dressed up and going for a walk after the service. Each day as I explore, mostly in silence with the occasional softly spoken Buongiorno, I realize how profound ones perspective can be. Perhaps it is because I observe everything here with a foreign sense of curiosity, or it is simply the silent observation. It is near the end of November and as a gardener I observe with wonder the plants and trees that are still full of life. After the rain everything is refreshed and vibrant. The playground with the locked gate because it is too cold for the children to enjoy. The brilliant green of the moss in the cobblestones that is appreciative of the rain. The color of the leaves still clinging to the trees. And the most amazing view of the valley and mountains in the distance! Lovely!!
Time to return to practicing verb conjugation.
Ciao ciao!!

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The charm of life in an Italian town….

My first week has been delightful. I am learning that every day is something special in town, for example, Tuesday the fish trucks are here and Friday is market day.  Also, stores are open in the mornings until 1300 and reopen about 1600, one has to plan ahead living in Italy. The food here tastes amazing, even when I prepare it. The ingredients are so fresh! I am enjoying all the stops I make on a daily basis to buy food at the baker, butcher, vegetable stand and even the chicken man’s booth.

The weather here has been lovely, in my opinion, for November…it is like the fall of my dreams that goes on and on. Even the thunderstorm was lovely to me. The locals likely think I am crazy, but that is quite alright with me. 🙂  I begin language classes this week, I am looking forward to this very much. My teacher speaks only Italian which will force me to respond in Italian! Va bene!!

The sun is shining, another beautiful day to be outside exploring. Ciao ciao!!




Excitement and irony…

My adventure begins…ironic that Eat Pray Love was a movie on my first flight! I feel much like Liz…I too am a woman in search of her word.

Saying goodbye to Canada for a while with a Tim Hortons coffee.Image 

Enjoying time in Ontario with family and friends.

Tomorrow is the next destination…