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After a few rainy days, today is a beautiful sunny day! I went for a walk to see what life is like on Sunday in this lovely Italian town. Today is for church and family, most shops are closed. How lovely to see couples and families dressed up and going for a walk after the service. Each day as I explore, mostly in silence with the occasional softly spoken Buongiorno, I realize how profound ones perspective can be. Perhaps it is because I observe everything here with a foreign sense of curiosity, or it is simply the silent observation. It is near the end of November and as a gardener I observe with wonder the plants and trees that are still full of life. After the rain everything is refreshed and vibrant. The playground with the locked gate because it is too cold for the children to enjoy. The brilliant green of the moss in the cobblestones that is appreciative of the rain. The color of the leaves still clinging to the trees. And the most amazing view of the valley and mountains in the distance! Lovely!!
Time to return to practicing verb conjugation.
Ciao ciao!!

Life in Italy 2013 071
Life in Italy 2013 072
Life in Italy 2013 074
Life in Italy 2013 080Life in Italy 2013 082
Life in Italy 2013 085
Life in Italy 2013 086
Life in Italy 2013 087

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