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The beauty in simplicity…

Curiosity. Between the numerous hours of very simple thoughts, my mind is full of questions about every thing that surrounds me. I imagine this is the effect of living a simple life, since my main concern each day is what will I eat today. 🙂 There is amazing beauty in just living in the moment.

As I explore the town at different times of day I notice new things each time; plants, trees, beautiful apartments and shops. This ongoing awareness continues to surprise me. Maybe it is because I walk everywhere and actually see what surrounds me. I stop and look at the view, touch plants and observe the moss in the afternoon sunlight. Each day the aroma of wood burning stoves reminds me of summer nights with friends and cold winters by my fireplace at home.

With Christmas approaching the town is illuminated with lights and a giant tree in piazza. The holiday lights above the streets look like sparkling falling snow. Shop windows are decorated with various holiday themes. Hand cut paper snowflakes decorate the windows of the elementary school. I am curious about the Christmas traditions here and Babbo Natale.

Ah so many questions in my head, will they all be answered? Time will tell…

Life in Italy 2013 181

Life in Italy 2013 259

Life in Italy 2013 264

Life in Italy 2013 231

Life in Italy 2013 275

Life in Italy 2013 279

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