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My Christmas baking adventure…

Allora…I decide to bake my mom’s recipe for whipped shortbread cookies. Which, I have happily consumed every year at Christmas however, have never baked.

Step one…obtain ingredients. Somewhat challenging since ingredients have different names in different parts of the world. Such as what I know to be cornstarch is known as corn flour here. Simple. Icing sugar is zucchero al velo. No problem, I have purchased the ingredients.

Step two…measurements are handled differently in Italy. Units of measure used are grams and weigh scales are a common item in kitchens. This is very foreign to me and I am bewilderd for a few days by this. Luckily today was market day and I purchased a measuring cup, in grams and millilitres as well as a baking pan. Woo hoo! I can work with this and am set to bake.
Step three…convert the recipe to grams. Oh my, this is math…this is not how my mind works in the kitchen. I have a solution…vino rosso. Now all is well. On to baking cookies…
Step four…follow the recipe. Hmmm, the first pan of cookies are flat and do not look like my mom’s. Although, these do taste great with espresso…
Ah-ha! The flour I am using is 00, which is much lighter than the flour I am used to. No problem, add more flour. Success!!


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