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A White Christmas in Italy…

My little Christmas tree is watered, gifts are wrapped and my bags are packed. I am ready for a very special Christmas with friends in Alba Italy.

At this moment it is a beautiful sunny day as I look out over the valley and see beautiful fall colors and the Apennine mountain range in the distance. Today is the winter solstice which always delights me as the hours of daylight slowly increase each day and I am a sunshine loving girl. For me it is hard to believe this is December 21…I am so incredibly excited to have a white Christmas in Piemonte. For this Canadian girl this is the winter of my dreams to have temperatures above 0 Celsius, however, it just does not feel like Christmas without snow!!!

Another thing I am really enjoying about Italy is the lack of insanity that I am used to at this time of year. Granted I am living in a small town, yet life appears to function as normal. There are no crazy extended store hours! Thank goodness. There is a push on the Panettone …it is everywhere! Available in so many varieties, plain with powdered sugar, with dried fruit and even chocolate. Perhaps I will have to try this cake and see what all the fuss is about…

It is time for a walk in the sunshine before my fun in the snow begins!  Snow!!  I am so excited!  Ciao ciao!


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