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Happy Holidays ~ Italian Style…

Buon Natale! and Auguri are the words of the week. It was a wonderful holiday week in Alba with friends. We had so much fun with the variety of languages used throughout the week, English, Italian, French and even a few words in Spanish! The week ended with a song in Italian…Se Sei Felice 🙂

Alba xmas

The adventures in baking continue, this time with pumpkin pie, pecan pie and butter tart squares. With some advanced planning we acquired the ingredients from California and London England. The challenge of converting into grams continued with many trips to the Google to perform calculations. 😉 The thing we did not consider was a can opener…creative use of a wine bottle opener was the answer! We successfully baked our creations for our Italian friends.




Christmas dinner consisted of an octopus and potato salad, seafood ravioli in squid ink and seafood soup. They were delicious!



The B&B I selected was a dream complete with a fairy godmother! From the moment we arrived she knew which rooms suited our personalities, me in the purple room and my friend in the red and orange room. Both rooms had a wonderful view of the mountains, which we saw the last morning. The rooms were beautifully decorated and were full of special touches to make anyone feel at home. Her attention to detail each day was so special, from noticing the use of a receipt for a bookmark and replacing it with a bookmark from a local store along with a tiny reading lamp and a cleaning cloth for the reading glasses left by the book. Putting our shoes in colorful bags that matched our rooms decor. Incredible! We were given a small map of the town center with four business identified which we could go to for tasting and information about local products. Brilliant idea to introduce tourists to local specialties! Each night a special tray of treats was left for us including a locally made liquor, a wonderful chamomile grappa and Barolo Chinato were our favorites. On Christmas Eve we received a special reindeer with a Panettone in his gift bag. Christmas day was prosecco for aperitivi along with a tray of various treats. Such kindness was wonderful when spending Christmas far away from home. Grazie Mille!

purple room




Alba centro

Our week ended with a beautiful sunny day and a night in Torino. A very beautiful city.

torino piazza

torino via garibaldi


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