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An amazing year ahead ~ 2014…

Happy New Year! Buon anno!


We bid farewell to 2013 last night. For me it was a year filled with so many incredible life experiences. At a time when people reflect on the past year and make resolutions for the new year. So many words come to mind…fun, family, travel, friends, cooking, food, wine, life, change, redundancy, sharing, adventure, dreams, feeling, exploring, language, differences, essential, simplify, necessities, understanding, acceptance, empathy, choice, chance, courage, support, home, depth, thoughts, discovery, fortunate, believe, faith, joy, opportunity, strength…which leads me to some deep thoughts.

Behind every smile there is a story, an experience that shapes a persons life. I believe the response to every experience is a choice. In my mind is a bookshelf filled with books from every one of my life’s experiences. Some are thin and the story is an easy read, some are novels with many chapters and characters. Some are hilarious and filled with crazy and fun adventures, while some are sad, dark and twisted. Each one of these books has a title and a cover graphic that captures the essence of the story. I am grateful for every one of these stories since they have shaped my character and my life. The visual of these books reminds me that no matter what the story, I am always the heroine of my own life. New books are always being written and the bookshelf will continue to fill up with new experiences and adventures.

When I picture this bookshelf I smile, knowing all the stories that others may never know. How those stories have helped me grow and find the courage and strength to live the life I want to live.

Welcome 2014! I am excited to continue adding a variety of books to the bookshelf in my mind.
A beautiful sunrise to begin a new year.


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