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The ecosystem in my apartment…

After watching the movie Under the Tuscan Sun a million times…I was aware that I would encounter various bugs during my stay in Italy. As I kid I loved bugs so I am intrigued to see the variety that live in Italy. I have seen some interesting bugs around my apartment. The classic daddy long legs spider and a large bug that buzzed loudly and was attracted to the light. A bright green bug that was oval shaped with long legs that seemed to hop more than walk. I was kind and escorted them out to the terrace where they belong.

As time goes by the list of creatures I share my apartment with seems to grow. The week before Christmas I had noticed the clock on the wall was not accurate. So I pulled up a chair to correct the time. As I lifted the clock off the wall, I noticed a dead scorpion hanging on the wall; it fell to the floor. I thought no problem I’ll pick it up when I am done with the clock. When I stepped down from the chair the scorpion was gone. Great, I have a roommate! I must admit that even though I like bugs, I am not keen on having a scorpion in my space. Ever since I have jumped at the site of every dust ball I see. I have since learned that scorpions like to hide in shoes. So I go through the ritual of banging together my upside down shoes before wearing them. Just another one of those fun games I play everyday here in Italy.

my dearest scorpion,
enjoy your stay.
until we meet again…


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