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Two Canadian chicks reunited in Italy…day 6…

After being in Italy for a few months it is wonderful to have a friend from Canada here to share the experience of my adventure. I took a leisurely train ride into Rome to meet her. We had fun in Rome catching up and enjoying a delicious dinner at PizzaRe (we closed the place down). We spent the next morning exploring Rome, shopping on Via del Corso and visited the Pantheon and Piazza Navona. With another leisurely train ride back to my home in Soriano. We laughed the entire way up the hill as we dragged her luggage to my apartment. Settled in and went to meet a friend for aperitivo at Caffe Centrale in piazza. We enjoyed a few glasses of prosecco and numerous laughs. 

The next morning we were back at Caffe Centrale to meet the girls for coffee. We are noisy and cause a bit of a stir in this small town. Which really is part of the fun! A walk around town and lunch at Tre Scalini, which was delicious as always and entertaining. This is birthday weekend for my friend so we happily prepared spinach ravioli at our friends home for dinner. For us this was like being back home where we used to cook together all the time! For us it was a pleasure to introduce our Australian friends to Canadian ice wine…I had forgotten how delicious ice wine is. Which lead to a giggly night time walk around town. 😀

Day three was birthday day, crepes for breakfast and pasta for lunch! A visit to our friends to help us set up the Two Canadian Chicks Great Italian Road Trip! This is going to be a blast! A delicious birthday dinner at Rottezzia Osteria-Birreria which lead to the arrangement of a tour of some nearby Etruscan ruins…perhaps I drew too much attention to myself having fun the evening of Capo Danno…another story ha ha! On the walk home we came across a friend of mine and ahead a few laughs. 

Monday morning, time for a little shopping, down the stairs we go. A few food items, prosecco, limoncello and red wine…€33 in total, my friend is still in awe of this, at home one bottle would have cost that much. A few more stops at the panetteria for pizza and pane, and the water station for a refill of frizzante water at €0.05 per litre! Off again to meet our friend about a rental car for our road trip! Another offer to help me with speaking Italian…okay!! 

Watched Under The Tuscan Sun since we are visiting Cortona! Yay!

today…Piove! A quiet day at home. Lunch at Tre Scalini followed by a lovely walk in the rain and fog. Special delivery of wine today…this grey day has now begun to sparkle!



Now we are making pasta for dinner…there is no rolling pin in my apartment…chicks get creative! 


ciao ciao! Until the next update…




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