Sparkling Snow Angel…

Back in the land of snowy winters and making the most of it! Snow Angels! My work of art was quickly filled in with blowing snow. 


While I work on the details for the next phase of life, I have given myself a new challenge. To use the various foods stored in my cupboards and freezer before buying new items, other than fresh foods. This challenge is exciting, I look forward to trying new recipes and being creative to use these items I felt I needed to have on hand…just in case…you never know when you are going to have a craving for smoked oysters!  🙂

After three months in a small apartment and living very comfortably with only essentials, I look around my house and realize I have way too much stuff! Unnecessary stuff! Time to purge! Donate or sell, whatever it takes to reduce the amount of stuff I did not miss and clearly do not need. Time for a simpler life. 

Thankfully spring is around the corner…okay I may be delirious on that thought. Regardless, I am going to enjoy the remainder of winter, more snow angels and walks along the beautiful river bank as the days get longer and the temperature rises. I may even prepare to have my first ever yard sale this spring. Oh my, what am I thinking, that is not my style. I think I will make donations instead, it is nice to think that the items around my home may add a little sparkle to someone’s day. 

Ciao ciao!

Leave a little sparkle wherever you go…

Three months. Can be a long time and in other cases it is not long enough! In my case it was not long enough! My love affair with Italy is only beginning! And yes I said Italy, the country!! Don’t jump to any ridiculous conclusions here!! As I am preparing to return to my darling cat, Vodka, and my lovely home in Canada…my mind is stirring about the next phase of my life. Details to be revealed soon…it is very exciting!

It has been raining daily for weeks now, yet the grey skies have not dampened my spirit nor dulled my sparkle. I laugh as I jump across puddles in high heels, the five year old in me is alive and well. Forget using an umbrella, I prefer a hood. Just don’t text and walk with a hood on in the rain at night…I walked straight into a planter on my way home the other evening. I changed course and completed my text message as I howled with laughter! Good thing it was raining hard and there was no one around to witness my graciousness!


This little life experiment of mine has been great! I have enjoyed living a simple life in a small space with only the essentials and no car! I have been thrilled to live somewhere where I can walk and use public transportation! Wow never thought I would say those words. Wish I thought to use a pedometer to know how many kilometers I have walked in the past three months. Next time!

I have enjoyed learning about the Italian culture and experienced the kindness of people when I communicate with them in my attempt to speak Italian mostly with a big smile. Spent time with friends, made new friends and shared this experience with a friend from Canada, which was incredibly special. I have been asked many questions and given interesting predictions about where my life will go…my favorites being: Are you here for love? You don’t work? In 6 months you will be married! Hilarious! People make me laugh! I mostly enjoy the curious questions about Canada!

No matter where I live I will always be the same person and live life in my own unique way. 🙂

I started this adventure with the mindset that opportunity is life’s greatest adventure! My adventure is only beginning and the opportunities are boundless!

I said in the beginning that I was a woman in search of her word…my word SPARKLE!


Ciao Ciao!