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Sparkling Snow Angel…

Back in the land of snowy winters and making the most of it! Snow Angels! My work of art was quickly filled in with blowing snow. 


While I work on the details for the next phase of life, I have given myself a new challenge. To use the various foods stored in my cupboards and freezer before buying new items, other than fresh foods. This challenge is exciting, I look forward to trying new recipes and being creative to use these items I felt I needed to have on hand…just in case…you never know when you are going to have a craving for smoked oysters!  đź™‚

After three months in a small apartment and living very comfortably with only essentials, I look around my house and realize I have way too much stuff! Unnecessary stuff! Time to purge! Donate or sell, whatever it takes to reduce the amount of stuff I did not miss and clearly do not need. Time for a simpler life. 

Thankfully spring is around the corner…okay I may be delirious on that thought. Regardless, I am going to enjoy the remainder of winter, more snow angels and walks along the beautiful river bank as the days get longer and the temperature rises. I may even prepare to have my first ever yard sale this spring. Oh my, what am I thinking, that is not my style. I think I will make donations instead, it is nice to think that the items around my home may add a little sparkle to someone’s day. 

Ciao ciao!

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