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Spring and gratitude…

Spring is almost here. As I keep busy with many things and clearing melting snow, my back yard has a small river running through it. Welcome Spring! Yay, it is time for rubber boots. This leads me to spring cleaning and dealing with ridiculous amount of stuff I have in my house. Whenever I have important tasks to focus on my house is the cleanest and most organized! My quirky gift to myself, just another one of my unique qualities.

I am having fun with my food challenge and using what is already in the house before buying new food items. The canned food cleanup was amusing, not sure what I was thinking when buying multiple cans of smoked oysters and sardines, among other strange items…most of which had expired between 2010 and 2013. Somewhere in those years I also went through a time of buying dried beans and lentils. My quest for black bean and lentil recipes continues…today I can’t stop thinking about black bean brownies. I imagine those will appear in my kitchen in the next few days. On track to simplify my life. 🙂 I was very happy to hear that a friend I shared my food challenge story with is doing the same at her house.

Since returning home I have been thinking about where to donate items that I no longer use. Last week I happily sorted some household items and delivered them to two local establishments which help people in need in my city. This is something I will do more often instead of keeping things with a just in-case mind set. It feels good to give. I am grateful for all that I have and will continue to give to my community.

until next time…

ciao ciao

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