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~ the PET scan experience…

Today I had a PET scan and have transformed into Radioactive Woman! Not really but it’s fun to think of myself as a superhero for a day. Not knowing what to expect I was pleasantly surprised by this zen-like experience.

Arrive on time, no waiting around and promptly taken to my lead walled room. It started with a little chat to verify if I had followed the instructions I was given. Which were to fast and only drink water from 0500 on the day of the procedure, keep warm and no physical exertion for two days prior. Check! Quick line of questioning to ensure there have been no changes to the information I had provided on Friday. Check! Then a blood sugar test with the finger poke and insert the intravenous line and back to my little room.

Now things become strict, no phone or materials while being injected and activating as I call it. Ok. Warm blankets and a big cozy recliner and I’m ready to be transformed. The technician wheeled in a machine and began with a saline solution and then the radioactive material. This took only a few minutes to inject. As the injection of radioactive material began she gracefully stepped back to be against the wall across the hallway. When it was done she removed the machine and closed the door. Ah, 45 minutes of peace to activate. Nap time!

I heard a quiet knock on the door, the door opened and a lady said we are ready for you, then she stepped back away from me too. Into the CT scanner room we go. I was instructed to lie on the table and not move…for 20 minutes…another light nap and the imaging was complete. Results will take 2-5 days.

If only all medical tests were this relaxing. The only superpower I seem to have gained from this experience is the ability to have people back away from me and maintain their distance. 😉

I sparkle on…one day at a time. 🙂

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