~ chemo #3 ~ the halfway point…

Yesterday I had the pre-treatment blood analysis and doctor visit. It was nice to hear from both the nurse and doctor that they think I am looking well. Much better than after the first treatment. I laughed at this and said I set the bar very low with treatment #1. haha! Things can only look up after that experience.

My neutrophil level was low yesterday, had another analysis this morning and the level is up and good to go for treatment tomorrow. 

My feeling good days are really good. I feel back to normal, well almost back to normal. This may be partly because I have unplugged the alarm clock and wake when my body decides it is time to wake, or Vodka decides he wants to eat which usually comes first. Thankfully I go right back to sleep and wake up to find Vodka sleeping on the bed. Silly cat! I am now feeling well enough to resume normal activities within reason and still listening to my body when to slow down and rest. It is still a little bizarre that I feel better, for the most part, while undergoing chemotherapy than I did for several months leading up to the diagnosis. Go figure, the human body is a strange and wonderful thing. 

The pharmacist I spoke with yesterday is determined to find the combination of anti-nausea medicines that will work for me and reduce the amount of yucky feeling days that I have. I would like that too. I told her if she could find some thing that would eliminate the sore throat and suck in the throat feeling she would be my favourite! haha! I am always optimistic. 

Time to get a few things done around my house before I slip into feeling yucky mode and indulge myself with endless hours of movies and home renovation television programs. hmmm…so many ideas to renovate the bathroom in my little old house. 😉  Now to find a handy man!  haha! Just kidding!!!  

I sparkle on…one day at a time.   🙂

~ getting the hang of it…

I am now well into the second 21 day cycle of my treatments and think I am getting the hang of how my body responds to treatment. From day one I have made notes about how I feel, what side effects I am experiencing and what helps to ease the discomfort. There is a clear pattern and each cycle appears to result in the same side effects and length of time that I experience each one. Now I can plan my approach to each cycle.

It struck me as completely insane that a dietician told me that I can eat whatever I want because it is calories that matter. What!?! What about good nutrition since my body is being pumped full of chemicals? Surely eating healthy has to benefit my body and immune system. After shaking my head and being annoyed at this so-called logic I have decided to eat what I know works for my body and helps me feel good. Bring on the cookbooks and time in the kitchen! Maybe I will dust off my old exercise videotapes and VCR for an entertaining variety of exercise!  haha!

This is my turning point! I listened obediently and now I have my plan for managing my health over each 21 day cycle. I enjoy food and life too much to succumb to the zombie state of pills for any longer than I absolutely have to. Yes!! This is such a good sign, my feisty side is stepping up! Healthy food, exercise and rest are my answers to feeling good. 

Everyone finds their way and my way works for me. I realize how my beliefs and views on life help me through this life adventure. One day at a time is my way. I live in the moment. I ask questions when I am curious. I am content with what is important in the moment. I believe that your mind is your most powerful tool. Therefore I like to keep my mind positive and deal with what I know to be my experience rather than plant seeds from others experiences. 

I sparkle on…one day at a time.   🙂

~ 2 down 4 to go…

Treatment #2 went better than the first although I was sick last night. Today I am tired and resting. 

Thank you for all your support and well wishes, it really helps me get through the tough days. 

I sparkle on…one day at a time.  🙂