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~ chemo #3 went well…

So happy to say that chemo #3 went well. Thanks to the dedicated pharmacist that was determined to reduce the number of yucky days I was experiencing and eliminate the vomiting. She added another drug to the mix to prevent vomiting and achieved success. I felt groggy and tired for the last 5 days and yet it was so much better than the first two cycles. Thank you my favourite pharmacist. 🙂

Hopefully I will have more good days this round and gain more energy. I have an appointment on September 8 for a CT scan to gauge progress. I told my doctor that it is down to the size of a mandarin. She is a good sport and agrees with me, well humours me really and that is ok with me. Surely she must be amused with my approach to this experience and the colourful way I visualize the process. 

I sparkle on…one day at a time.   🙂

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