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~ chemo #4 is on as scheduled…

It seems to be my pattern that the results from the blood analysis show low levels, but they are good enough to proceed. So tomorrow I will put on my superwoman shirt and think good thoughts. As usual I am all over the place today getting ready for the days ahead. 

Since receiving the results from the CT scan I have also learned that the final PET scan will be about 6 weeks after the 6th session of chemo. Somewhere between now and then I will speak with a radiation specialist about the pros and cons of radiation therapy. I told my doctor the final size of the mass with be that of a wild blueberry and there will be no need for radiation. She smiled and said whatever works for you. What can I say, I handle this experience my way and it’s working for me!!

Wish me luck that #4 goes well.  

I sparkle on…one day at a time.   🙂

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