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~ chemo #4 – the warm and fuzzy one…

This round has gone quite well, side effects are still raging but I feel that I am managing them better. I won’t say I feel great since the cumulative effect of chemotherapy is taking a toll on my poor digestive system. I am sure that I can heal my body after all this is done. 

The weather has become cool with the arrival of fall and my house is much cooler at night. Each of the last three nights I have woken up to a sweet act of kindness. Without disturbing me at all, Vodka places himself on top of my pillow and wraps his furry body around my fuzzy head. He must think I am cold without the usual fur on my head.  😉 

It has been interesting to observe Vodka’s behave since I have been ill. For a large cat with an even bigger personality he has been incredibly intuitive and gentle. He no longer walks across my body when I am lying down, but rather curls up beside me whenever he can. On treatment days he notices that I am not quite myself and comes to sit quietly with me. He is the best little buddy.

Sometimes unconditional furry love is the best medicine.  

I sparkle on…one day at a time.   🙂

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