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~ chemo #5 – the waiting game again…

The time between treatments seems to fly by. I just start to feel better and it is time to have blood analysis and a check up with the doctor again. Today was that day and as usual my neutrophil level is low again. This time I am to go in early on Thursday and have my blood tested again, if the levels are good we proceed with treatment otherwise it will be rescheduled for next week. 

It is a little defeating each time this happens. I am mentally prepared for the appointments as scheduled and then I wait. I would almost prefer just to be rescheduled and then I can rest longer. Oh well, this is the way it goes and being these are the last two treatments…I remain positive and will get through this!!

I spoke too soon about feeling good after the last treatment, I had a rough week and ended up feeling quite poorly. Each round I feel like I have learned how to handle the side effects better and then I am surprised by how they can drag me down. Oh the things we take for granted about how our bodies function. Regardless I remain optimistic that I can handle the yucky days and I still laugh and smile. I always have hope. 

I am excited that my hair has begun to grow back. Now my head is covered in hair that is a variety of lengths and it is quite thick.  To me it all looks translucent and glistens like a baby chick in the sunlight. It’s a great look on me. ha! 

I sparkle on…one day at a time.    🙂

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