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~ chemo #5 ~ the delay continues…

Over the last week I have had more blood drawn than I care to remember. Since my neutrophil level is so low, additional blood tests were done to verify if my body is fighting a virus. These results will take about two weeks. This is all somewhat bizarre since I feel fine. I now have to be careful since it is the beginning of flu season, so I begin my hibernation, just in time since we are seeing our first snowfall today. 

This morning I saw a different doctor than my usual one at the centre, after the usual question and answer session and my treatment is postponed another week. Next week I will have my blood tested and see the doctor yet again. At that time we will know if we proceed with chemo as usual or add another drug to my repertoire that will help the neutrophil level increase. 

We also spoke about radiation, she explained the need for radiation is due to the subtype of the non-hodgkin lymphoma, which is primary mediastinal. She went on to explain that with this subtype, cells may remain at a microscopic level and this is what radiation will target. Also that radiation will likely take place before the PET scan, it depends on the radiation oncologist. I learn something new every day.

It is a little disappointing to be experiencing a delay in my treatment schedule, this week would have been chemo #6. Oh well, it is what it is. I am staying warm in my house and am almost done knitting another pair of socks. I will continue to relax at home and hope that my bone marrow steps up its game. 

I sparkle on…one day at a time.   🙂

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