~ ready for chemo #6…happy!

It’s that time again. Today was the day for blood analysis and doctor check up. I am so thrilled that my neutrophil level is up, way up!! To a normal healthy level in fact! My body is ready for chemo #6 on Monday.  

YAY!!! I am so ready to be done. I have been laughing at how frustrated I have become. My body is uncomfortable and annoyed with the side effects of treatment. I noticed that I am restless and wander aimlessly around my house, and my house is not very big. I feel like Vodka when he has a hairball and tries to run away from himself. I realized that I too wander in an effort to escape the discomfort I feel, unfortunately it doesn’t work. There is hope…one more chemo to go!!!  

I asked my doctor questions in what I like to call “what to expect after chemo”.  I should write a book after this…ha! Now I have a better idea of the timeline for the next three months. I will know more details when I meet with the radiation oncologist next Friday. I will detail the timeline after that appointment. 

One of the key questions today was “when will I be able to travel again?”  Of course I have my priorities straight! After eleven months of having health issues I have reached a point of frustration and need to have something meaningful to me to be optimistic about. My doctor was supportive and will keep my travel wishes in mind as we continue to monitor my health! The idea of being able to plan a trip, book a ticket and get on an airplane has me giddy!!!  🙂

I sparkle on…one day at a time.    🙂

~ chemo #5 ~ went well!

Chemo #5 is done and went well. Only a small wave of sweating and chills that was reminiscent of chemo #1 and scared me a little. Thankfully it passed. Today was a restful day. At the end of the week I will have an injection to help keep the neutrophil level up and reduce the risk of infection. Hopefully this also means I will be ready for the last chemo at the end of November. 

One more to go!!!!

I sparkle on…one day at a time.  🙂

~ chemo #5 ~ is a go!!!

After yet another round of blood work this morning, I have received good news! My neutrophil level is up, in fact it is the highest it has been since I began treatment. This is fantastic news! As a friend said “Whoohoo!! Yay for you!!! Never thought we would be celebrating getting to do chemo!!!” This makes me giggle and is so true! I will have chemo on Monday morning.  🙂

Hopefully things are now back on schedule and the last chemo treatment will be at the end of November. I do have an appointment with the radiation oncologist in early December to make the plan for radiation treatments. Meanwhile I continue to visualize that the mass is gone and the cells are in repair mode. I also encourage my bone marrow to function normally.

I had hoped to be done treatments by this time based on what I was told initially. The reality is that I have a few months to go and this will continue into 2016. These last few weeks have been frustrating with delays, weekly blood work and the concern of very low immunity. I keep smiling and try to remain patient. It is what it is and I am truly thankful to be feeling much better. 

I sparkle on…one day at a time.  🙂