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~ chemo #5 ~ is a go!!!

After yet another round of blood work this morning, I have received good news! My neutrophil level is up, in fact it is the highest it has been since I began treatment. This is fantastic news! As a friend said “Whoohoo!! Yay for you!!! Never thought we would be celebrating getting to do chemo!!!” This makes me giggle and is so true! I will have chemo on Monday morning.  🙂

Hopefully things are now back on schedule and the last chemo treatment will be at the end of November. I do have an appointment with the radiation oncologist in early December to make the plan for radiation treatments. Meanwhile I continue to visualize that the mass is gone and the cells are in repair mode. I also encourage my bone marrow to function normally.

I had hoped to be done treatments by this time based on what I was told initially. The reality is that I have a few months to go and this will continue into 2016. These last few weeks have been frustrating with delays, weekly blood work and the concern of very low immunity. I keep smiling and try to remain patient. It is what it is and I am truly thankful to be feeling much better. 

I sparkle on…one day at a time.  🙂

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