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~ ready for chemo #6…happy!

It’s that time again. Today was the day for blood analysis and doctor check up. I am so thrilled that my neutrophil level is up, way up!! To a normal healthy level in fact! My body is ready for chemo #6 on Monday.  

YAY!!! I am so ready to be done. I have been laughing at how frustrated I have become. My body is uncomfortable and annoyed with the side effects of treatment. I noticed that I am restless and wander aimlessly around my house, and my house is not very big. I feel like Vodka when he has a hairball and tries to run away from himself. I realized that I too wander in an effort to escape the discomfort I feel, unfortunately it doesn’t work. There is hope…one more chemo to go!!!  

I asked my doctor questions in what I like to call “what to expect after chemo”.  I should write a book after this…ha! Now I have a better idea of the timeline for the next three months. I will know more details when I meet with the radiation oncologist next Friday. I will detail the timeline after that appointment. 

One of the key questions today was “when will I be able to travel again?”  Of course I have my priorities straight! After eleven months of having health issues I have reached a point of frustration and need to have something meaningful to me to be optimistic about. My doctor was supportive and will keep my travel wishes in mind as we continue to monitor my health! The idea of being able to plan a trip, book a ticket and get on an airplane has me giddy!!!  🙂

I sparkle on…one day at a time.    🙂

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