~ PET scan results…Not even a wild blueberry!!

Last week I had the post chemo PET scan to measure progress. Today I received a call with the results. The most important words that I remember are… “No evidence of…  the scan was clear…” So I said to my doctor, ‘not even a wild blueberry?’ his response “NOT EVEN A WILD BLUEBERRY!! ”  Of course I told my doctor that sparkle power is the best!!   This is the most amazing news!!!!   The absolute best way to end 2015.

On January 6 I will have the CT scan for radiation planning. I asked if radiation is still necessary and yes it is to ensure I am totally clear and no cells remain. Radiation will begin about 2 weeks after this scan. 

For the last few weeks I have been fairly quiet and dealing with a new side effect, chemo induced peripheral neuropathy (CIPN). You know it’s special when they give it an acronym! ha! I have been working on my mental game with this one and broadening  the sparkle powers to the nerves as well as cells. I had a short pity party over this since it is greatly annoying to have weak and numb arms off and on throughout the day and night. I am confident that my sparkle energy will heal this issue, it’s just a matter of time.

I am thrilled!  What great news to receive to start a new year. 🙂

I sparkle on…one day at a time!  🙂

~ onto the radiation phase…

Today I met with a radiation oncologist and had an overview of my condition and discussion of the path forward. With each doctor I meet they are always interested in what I was doing in Italy when I became ill. I always smile and say studying Italian language and enjoying life!  🙂

It was interesting to see the CT and PET imaging and have them explained. It was also news to me that my lymphoma is indeed stage 2, meaning that it is in two locations, primarily the bulky mass (the orange as I like to call it) and two small spots in the lymph nodes in the centre of my chest. 

It’s good to know that this treatment will be very targeted and focus on the areas of cells that may be remaining. Also that my type of lymphoma responds very well to radiation therapy. I have a PET scan scheduled for December 22 and following that the radiation oncologist will review the imaging to create the treatment plan. I will have another CT scan prior to the beginning of treatments as well. Treatment consists of 15 days and hopefully begin in January. I honestly can’t recall what they said about follow up because they usually joke that I will be back in Italy by then. 

We also discussed short term and long term side effects. Which sound like they will be much easier to deal with than what chemo gave me. I won’t get into the details as I continue to believe it is important for me to be present in the moment and deal with my health on a day to day basis. 

I am so relieved to be done chemo and feeling good. Time for another GI Jane haircut tomorrow, I would much rather shave my head again than have it feel awful just to have a little hair. My silver mohawk will grow back in no time! I will continue to rest and gain strength for the new phase of treatment in the new year. 

I sparkle on…one day at a time.   🙂

~ chemo is a wrap!! :)

I had my 6th chemo treatment on Monday and it went well. I am feeling pretty good and resting at home.  

It was interesting to learn that my neutrophil level dropped again. Apparently the injection will cause an upward spike and then it will normalize.  So I will continue to lay low while germ season is among us. 

Here is a little letter I wrote to chemotherapy to say goodbye on Sunday. 

Dear Chemotherapy, Tomorrow is our last date. I am grateful to you for shrinking the orange in my chest. Yet I am not happy about losing my hair for a second time. This is a cruel joke. It is one thing to deal with the side effects of you after each date, yet when good things start happening to my body please have some mercy! I don’t let you get me down very often but I have to tell you I am pretty bummed to see my beautiful silver hair thinning! I can get through one last date with you and then happily send you on your way. My cells are ready and armed with their sparkle shields to deflect you and direct you to where you belong. Regards, Cinzia

I am happy to move into the next phase of treatment in the new year. I will know more on Friday. 

I sparkle on…one day at a time.  🙂