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~ preparing for radiation ~ connect the dots…

Today I had a CT scan for radiation planning. Finding a cooperative vein for an IV has become a challenge. Three tries before success left me looking like a human pin cushion with cotton balls and tape on my arms and hand. I won’t require a mask to keep me in place for radiation treatments. Instead I have been marked with three alignment tattoos. I sure didn’t expect to get my first tattoo from this experience. ha! At least they are only tiny dots and hardly visible. I’m giggling thinking about the game ‘connect the dots’, although mine aren’t very fun they pretty much make a straight line. 

Radiation treatments will begin January 19 and go for three weeks. 

Trying to be optimistic that radiation will be kind to me. I am tired almost of the time lately. This must be my body’s way of reminding me that it needs time to heal. Now I am beginning to understand what people mean when they say the ‘new normal’ after treatment. Things are just different. As much as I want to be what I remember to be normal, my body reminds me that I can’t do things like I did before, at least not right now. So I will respect the fatigue and rest as needed. I am beginning to think the true healing will take much longer than the actual treatment. 

I sparkle on…one day at a time.    🙂

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