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~ the one-off and the path to consensus…

Having to make a decision is always an interesting position to be put it. About 10 days ago I received a call from my hematologist with the details of the PET scan results, as I had received the initial news from my family physician.  She proceeded to explain the results in more detail and explained there is a residual mass of about 3cm which is likely scar tissue. Then went on to inform me that each province has a different protocol and thus the need for a decision. Since my initial mass was approximately 9cm and chemotherapy was successful in eliminating the cancer cells, this put my case on the borderline of protocols in different provinces and thus a one-off that required a decision. A decision that was left to me. Me!! Huh?? I told her I don’t have enough information to make an informed decision and I would consult a friend to help me understand what all of this means. With this news I am a little annoyed that I have gone through the radiation planning CT scan and have been tattooed potentially unnecessarily. So I carry on and contact a friend to seek clarity and understanding. 

Thanks to my friends inquiry to better inform me, the team of doctors that work on my case have held a meeting to discuss my case. Wow! Apparently this is not the norm, which surprised me. One would hope that the team of professionals involved discuss a patients case where a decision needs to be made. Such is life. This week I received another call from my hematologist to inform me of the meeting and that the consensus was to proceed with radiation. The recent CT scan measured the residual mass at 5cm, apparently this scan provides a more accurate measurement. A detail that I was not aware of and not sure I would have been made aware of had they not had this meeting. I thanked her for the meeting and having made a decision. Knowing the size of the residual mass I am ok with having radiation treatments to be certain nothing remains, NOT EVEN A WILD BLUEBERRY!!!!

In the meantime I am learning to live with my numb and weak arms. Mornings are slow since that is when they are the most numb. Eating breakfast can be a challenge as I struggle to cut my food and aim for my mouth. I giggle a lot while I try to eat. If I can’t laugh at it I would be really frustrated. 

My doctor has offered a prescription for the neuropathy. The way I see it, drugs are what caused this misery so surely more drugs are not the answer. Not in my mind anyway! So I try other things and have good and bad days. I keep fine tuning my sparkle visualization and try yoga, acupuncture, vitamin B, patience and the best of all Vodka’s love and purring kitty cuddles. 

Onto radiation therapy and booking flights for an upcoming adventure!!  In three short weeks I get to ring the bell!!  Video to follow!!  Woohoo!!!

I sparkle on…one day at a time.   🙂


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