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~ radiation therapy day 1…

I am entering the final treatment countdown…15 days of radiation therapy. Today was day 1…14 to go! 

Treatment was quick. They lined up the tattoo dots and I was in and out of the machine while the same song played on the radio. Not knowing how long it would take as it is by dose rather than time. I was deep into visualization and picturing all the healthy cells and tissues in my body activating their sparkle shields to protect themselves while the beams go straight for the residual mass. The five year old in me is really enjoying all this creative visualization! 😉

The things I notice after treatment are my skin smells like I were in a tanning bed and tingling feeling in my chest. I am thinking positive and continue to visualize a healthy outcome. I see many naps in my life over the next few weeks. Just another reminder to myself that I am still receiving treatment and to take it easy. 

I sparkle on…one day at a time.   🙂

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