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~ radiation therapy in progress…

Today was my 9th radiation treatment…6 more. I am happily counting down. I am tired of the ups and downs of treatment and ready to move beyond. Side effects are minimal at this time yet still present. I feel some pulling in my chest at the same spot that has troubled me all along. I also have the feeling that something is stuck in my throat and low grade nausea. I’m happy to say the aloe vera is doing a great job and my skin is doing well with treatment. 

Treatments are quick. First thing I do when they leave me in the room is think “sparkle shields activated!” and go through my visualization, next thing I  I know it they are back telling me to put my arms down. I am grateful that the staff are kind and helpful since I ask many questions. I wanted to know how they use the images to line my body up for treatment. Also where exactly on my chest do they aim. I use the information I have learned to fine tune my visualization, which now includes sparkle shields and 5 green beams. I think of the beams as green because the lights are green that they use to line me up. Having a curious mind leads to creative visualization. 

I am still struggling with numbness in my hands and arms, day and night. This is quite annoying and yet I am learning to live with it. I continue to seek various types of treatments to help heal my arms. I know they will heal, it’s just a matter of time. 

My hair is growing back and soon I hope to have a silver mohawk again! In the meantime I am pretty unkept, ha! I look like I have been off the grid for a month without a mirror and tweezers! After losing most of the hair on my body I am just thankful to have hair!! 

I sparkle on…one day at a time.   🙂


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