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~ I passed my first follow-up with flying Sparkles!

My follow-up appointments were spread over a three week period which had me out of sorts. Until the last appointment I didn’t connect that I was grumpy and tired because of the endless chatter in my head wondering what the results would be. On May 2 I had a PET scan and my veins weren’t cooperating, the nurse was successful on the second attempt with the IV as tears filled my eyes and I said in a quiet and tired voice I don’t want to do this anymore. Since then I have been visualizing sparkles flowing through my veins and healing all the unhappy spots. 

On May 9 I had a follow-up with the radiation oncologist, and learned that the PET scan was clear! YAY! All other things related to the radiotherapy I received are fine so I don’t need to see this doctor again.  🙂

May 13 I had some post lymphoma blood tests done. Thankfully the nurse was skilled and successful on the first try, although I did have a lumpy bruise that lasted a week! Visualizing more sparkles in my veins!! The last appointment in this series was May 17 with the hematologist. I was very happy to hear that my blood levels are good and I am doing well overall. She assured me that my chemo related brain fog will get better! Thank goodness. I feel mentally simple and struggle to remember anything at all, for me this is very humbling. We discussed the ongoing issues with my hands, wrists and thumbs, which she feels may have been intensified by the radiation due to the location of the treatment. I still feel the spot in my chest where the scar tissue remains. This is something I have to get used to and tell myself that all is well. So I visualize the scar tissue wrapped up in sparkles and the sparkles work to keep in contained and shrink it. We also talked about how tired I get, especially when my hands hurt and wrists swell. There is no way to know how long this will take to heal. So I look at it this way, if it takes two years for a body to recover after childbirth, which is a natural process, it will take much longer to heal after being through chemotherapy. The doctor liked my thinking and agreed that it will take some time. She also supports my decision to live a slower paced life to give my body time to heal. 

Now I am into the followup schedule of every three months for two years. Knowing how mentally draining this process is, I will be sure to apply some sparkle thinking to help get me through this each time.  🙂

My hair is crazy curly and growing very fast! I have already had it cut twice and will be keeping it cut in a short pixie cut for some time to come. I cannot imagine trying to grow it out with these crazy tight curls! 

I realized last weekend that it was one year since I returned to Saskatoon. So much has happened in the last 18 months of my life. It was hard  for me to look back and remember those last few weeks in Italy learning that something was seriously wrong with my health. Putting the pieces of the puzzle together and remembering that a dear friend helped me with the results of my second CT scan on her birthday. At the time I was too exhausted to make sense of everything that was happening. I didn’t learn until several months later that some of my friends had a better idea of my state of health before I did. When this puzzle comes together in my mind I turn into a puddle. So thankful for amazing people in my life! I am thrilled that I was able to share good news for her birthday this year. I am so looking forward to returning to Italy in September to celebrate life with my Italian family of friends.  🙂

I sparkle on…one day at a time.     🙂

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