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~ a life celebrated in style…

Last week I attended a true Celebration of Life for a lovely man named Carl. A man who lived life to the fullest every day. Inspiringly courageous through the most difficult of journeys. From seeing the number of people in attendance to hearing the fond memories and stories from his family and friends, there is no doubt that he touched many people’s lives.

This day was special and spoke volumes about the kind of man Carl was. From the personal stories, photos and the family video footage you could see that he found joy in the little things and injected positive energy into every thing he did. It felt right to enjoy music played by local bands and to share laughs over cocktails on this day. Just the way Carl wanted his life to be celebrated. With pyrotechnics and all. 

I was introduced to his lovely wife, who had heard a lot about me throughout this journey. She looked into my eyes and said ‘I prayed for you everyday.’ My eyes filled with tears and I was speechless. Kindness is beautiful. 

These life events tend to make people think. They bring up a mixture of feelings that many don’t want to address. Yet if you look at it this way, it is easier to make decisions when you choose to rather than when you are forced to. Something to think about. You will be glad you did. 

It may seem strange to attend the memorial celebration for someone whom I had not met, yet I came away from this day feeling that I knew Carl. I am just sorry I had not taken the opportunity to meet him when I had the chance. 

I sparkle on…one day at a time   


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