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~ Sparkle On! the book is complete.


Even though I know that when you create a goal for yourself, write it down, talk about it, that goal is going to be met. I’m still excitedly surprised when goals come to fruition. This was an important goal. I set out to have this book in print to celebrate 2 years on the good side, which was December 22, 2017. That was the date my order of books were in production at the printer. 🎉

This goal was to write a book about my life over the last few years, sharing the creative ways that I handle challenges life sends my way. Everything from job loss to living in a foreign country to diagnosis, treatment, and life after non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. If I can inspire even one person to find their own creative inner strength to handle life’s challenges, that’s why I am here!

It was a busy last half of 2017 for me. Writing and pulling together details from the last few years of my life. I really thought I would blog more throughout the writing process, clearly, that didn’t happen. So here is a little recap.

It was a brilliant decision to be part of a mastermind group for writing the book. The ongoing learning and support were exactly what I needed. I had good intentions of writing a little every day to make the process manageable. That felt like too great of an expectation. Instead, I made notes as things popped into my head and had quite a mess of notes by the end. Weeks would go by and I had only made notes, this scared me at times that I was in over my head. I think because it was emotionally draining to walk down memory lane, I could only work on writing in spurts.

Reviewing my personal journal was difficult yet necessary. Reading the words I had written was an interesting insight into my own protective instincts as I would note a symptom and attribute it to something that was familiar. As I read, the pieces of the puzzle were falling into place. Collectively they made sense, but individually they were just pieces. Looking back was difficult, everything was so vivid, at times I had to stop and walk away.

When the storyteller in me was awakened I ran with it! Many weekends were spent at the computer from Friday afternoon until Sunday evening. Only stepping away to let Vodka in and out of the house and to eat. At least I got a little exercise running up and down the stairs as often as Vodka desired to go outside! 😺

There were times when I wasn’t sure I had enough to say to write a book. And times when technology drove me mad, but I persevered and my book is called, I Sparkle On! One Woman’s Creative Way of Reclaiming Her Wellness & Living Life.

I also created a companion journal, Sparkle On! Creative Journal. It’s a fun place to design life strategies, colour, doodle, and write to find your way to Sparkle On! 

I also spent some time in Europe in October visiting friends, which is always lovely. Although I was distracted as Vodka had a dental issue in October. Thankfully he is doing well, every day is even more precious now. Thrilled to say I am doing well. I celebrated 2 years on the good side in December and my arms are feeling good. I am working on getting stronger and healthier every day. Life is good. 

I Sparkle On! …one day at a time.  😃


Check out the books here on Amazon.ca or Amazon.com

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