~ turning this blog into a book!

After a few months of the job search saga, I decided to stay working as a personal assistant and to focus my time on building my health and doing what my heart desires.

I have talked about it long enough, it is time for action. I am writing a BOOK! Turning this blog into a book or two or three books, who knows how many stories I have in me to tell. I am very excited. This weekend I began a journey to write and self-publish a book! My publish and launch goal in mid November 2017! I will keep you posted throughout this process! 

I am feeling great! In January I started taking yoga classes. Yoga has been exactly what I needed to relieve the pain, weakness and tingling in my arms. It has also helped me build strength, relax, focus, and shed some of the weight I gained as I ate my way through chemo. ha! It’s also a bonus to meet lovely people and make new friends in the yoga community.  🙂

Had a follow-up at the c-centre this week. Blood is doing well, I am down 3kg and the doctor is very pleased with my health overall. Next one in October. Feeling grateful! 

Just a quick update from my sparkly world. Much more to come soon. 

Still Sparkling!!  😉

~ my job search saga…

As I think about what to do next with my life, I think about wanting to start an online business being able to work from anywhere until the fear of the unknown grabs me and I go online to search for the false sense of security in a traditional job. I have to admit the job search process is more stressful than dealing with my illness was! That may seem strange but think about it. With illness I was able to make decisions and had a say in what happened. A job search takes a whole different path. 

The path begins with searching for a posting that appeals to me and fits my skill set. Then it turns to reviewing the posting and highlighting the keywords that seem important to the role and ensuring my resume and cover letter include those special words in hopes that my writing skills get noticed. Then I submit my specially crafted cover letter and resume into cyber space and hand off my fate to the hands of an algorithm behind something known as an Applicant Tracking System, ATS, yes another bloody acronym!!!

Now the waiting part. How long do I wait? What am I waiting for? A phone call, an email? Your guess is as good as mine. This part seems odd since most postings have comments along these lines, ‘no phone calls please’ or ‘only short listed candidates will be contacted’. Great! If you are fortunate enough to be contacted for an interview, you are doing well. So be prepared to answer questions intelligently and not be a total dork, like I recently was on a telephone interview. Oh well, live and learn. The alternative is silence in all forms or perhaps an impersonal email addressed to ‘dear sir or madam’ telling you that you didn’t make the short list. It’s an icy cold email yet at least it is communication. Hmmm…I think I have to step up my game! 

This new world of online networking, creatively writing cover letters and the quest to write resumes using adjectives which describe ones accomplishments not just list job duties, not to mention searching online for ways to beat the applicant tracking systems…now one has to be smarter than the software application! Ugh!  All this while checking ones ego in this competitive job market. The articles that come up when I search anything job or career related are amusing, I enjoyed seeing this title – resume optimizing techniques! Buzzwords abound! All of this leaves me wondering, where has the human element gone from Human Resources???? 

While searching and finding new postings that interest me, I go back into my resume to review and amend it for the next application. My heart sinks as I come across a typo! NO!!!! I am crushed!! After spending so much time on this document I can’t even read it clearly anymore. So much for the spelling and grammar check function!?!?! Damn! Back to my tracking spreadsheet to note my flawed resume and kiss those opportunities goodbye. Back to my old school style of reviewing a document by reading it aloud while tracing each word with my opposite hand! All is good now! 

Having a profile on LinkedIn I receive job search threads where people post their concerns and comment on others questions. A repeat topic that turns up is titled ‘how to explain away a medical issue’… What?? No one asks to have a health issue! Why on earth is a person supposed to cover up a fact in their life! Unbelievable! Again I wonder, where is the human element hiding in Human Resources? 

I may be dating myself here, but I miss the days when you could walk into a business, talk to a person and hand them your resume. At the very least make a first impression instead of having an algorithm assess the first impression of you as nothing more than an ‘applicant’. Perhaps technology has not changed the hiring process for the better. 

I remain optimistic and am sure that things will work out just fine. In the meantime I will try to keep my sanity amongst the acronyms and algorithms. 😳

Still sparkling…one day at a time.   😊

~ new normal, new year…

It has now been one year since I rang the bell! Yay! Sparkles worked!! ✨ One year post treatment and I am doing well! Today I had a follow-up appointment and my hematologist is pleased with how well I am doing. It’s always a relief to hear good health news! Now I will shift to three appointments per year. 

Over the last three months I have seen a neurologist and a physiatrist, had nerve test done on my arms and hands, which left me with a different diagnosis of carpal tunnel in both hands not neuropathy. So I have been wearing braces every night for three months now. Some days I feel like things are improving, then I do housework and my hands and wrists are miserable again. From speaking with my doctor today she has no other options to suggest as they have no idea what is causing my issue. It seems like my only option is sparkles! So I will grab the medical encyclopedias and look for detailed images of the bones, nerves and tissues inside of wrists and hands to visualize sparkles healing! ✨ 

My biggest issue these days is, truthfully, being lazy! With 24 hours in the day it is incredible how much time I waste, doing what you ask? well that is even a mystery to me most days. I would like to think I would exercise and eat well daily, this happens for about a week and then I make excuses and procrastinate. If I can admit this then why don’t I do something about it? That is a darn good question. I am human, that’s about all I can say. 

Another observation about my new normal is that I am still quite forgetful. I can be looking at someone while having a conversation and be totally blank, not recalling at all what I have just been told. This is so hard. I used to feel mentally sharp, process things quickly and retain information easily. Now I write things down and still forget. I guess it’s time to apply sparkle healers to my brain and memory. ✨😳

I sparkle on…one day at a time.   😊

~ one year on the good side! 🎉

It is almost two years since this health adventure began, which seems long ago and yet feels like yesterday. This year has been filled with memories on anniversary dates of the things that I have experienced. Today being a very important one. Last year on this date my doctor called to give me the results of the PET scan and the news was great, I was in remission!!! So this anniversary is meaningful as the first year is an important one to get through. 

So thankful for sparkle shields!!!  ✨✨✨

I still believe in the power of sparkles! I think I always will. It may be silly to some and seem like I am covering up how I truly feel. To each their own. Since I still have a scar tissue mass in my chest that I feel every day, I continue to visualize it encased in sparkles to keep it contained. Whatever it takes to put my mind at ease. 

Now to get on with life! To find the answer to the nagging question in my head…what do I want to be when I grow up? That is a tough question. Since the socially acceptable norms have never added joy to my life this may be interesting and take Vodka and I to new places. We will see what I discover that appeals to the new normal me.  😉

Still sparkling…one day at a time   😃

~ a life celebrated in style…

Last week I attended a true Celebration of Life for a lovely man named Carl. A man who lived life to the fullest every day. Inspiringly courageous through the most difficult of journeys. From seeing the number of people in attendance to hearing the fond memories and stories from his family and friends, there is no doubt that he touched many people’s lives.

This day was special and spoke volumes about the kind of man Carl was. From the personal stories, photos and the family video footage you could see that he found joy in the little things and injected positive energy into every thing he did. It felt right to enjoy music played by local bands and to share laughs over cocktails on this day. Just the way Carl wanted his life to be celebrated. With pyrotechnics and all. 

I was introduced to his lovely wife, who had heard a lot about me throughout this journey. She looked into my eyes and said ‘I prayed for you everyday.’ My eyes filled with tears and I was speechless. Kindness is beautiful. 

These life events tend to make people think. They bring up a mixture of feelings that many don’t want to address. Yet if you look at it this way, it is easier to make decisions when you choose to rather than when you are forced to. Something to think about. You will be glad you did. 

It may seem strange to attend the memorial celebration for someone whom I had not met, yet I came away from this day feeling that I knew Carl. I am just sorry I had not taken the opportunity to meet him when I had the chance. 

I sparkle on…one day at a time   


~ my distracted mind…

For weeks, even months I have been thinking about writing a post about the things I did during the rest of my stay in Italy. Yet I have not felt like talking. Unusual for me since I am quite a chatty gal. There have been too many distractions in my mind for me to focus. At this moment I have lists all over the table and am starting to get my head straight about life and what to do with myself. I will get around to writing posts about my Italian adventure soon. 

Since returning to Canada a few weeks ago I have had another follow-up, this time with my original hematologist. It’s nice to have her back. I was thrilled the day I had my blood taken, sounds silly, but the nurse was skilled and successful on the first try. I could even hear the blood gush into the tube! Woohoo! Gross but made me very happy! She is my favourite nurse!!! Always a relief to learn that my blood is normal and that the doctor is happy with how I am doing overall. 😃 I am almost at the one year mark and this is important. The first year is the most likely period for recurrence. There is that word, this is part of what has been distracting me for some time. 

Recurrence. As time passes and I get closer to a full year beyond treatment I struggle with this word. I chose to keep to myself and not get involved with support groups and such during my treatment period. Yet I did know of a few others at different stages of treatment at the same time and this is what has become difficult for me. Over the last six months or so I have learned of three people who have experienced recurrence. I imagine that it is a cancer survivor’s greatest fear, and for as much as one tries to be positive, live in the moment and move on with life. This word presents a reality that others just cannot understand. To learn that one person had passed away last month, another is in palliative care and one in treatment again is difficult to process. Here I am just back from a few months rest in Europe and trying to decide what to do with my life, while my mind feels numb. Moving forward feels difficult when someone I haven’t met yet feel I know because our stories were shared between us via a mutual friend, we were each others cheerleaders, is near the end of his life. It’s hard to hear that someone who handled their illness and treatment will such grace has had to face it again so soon. I cannot put my feelings into words right now. 😔

Another distraction is my hand and wrist pain which continues. I have agreed to take the prescription the hematologist has recommended. The first day was comical, I was pretty much stoned from one pill! ha! and I felt nauseated and my face was tingling! Thankfully the yucky feeling only lasted a few days. It’s been almost two weeks and I am not noticing much relief yet, I do remain hopeful. I saw a neurologist last week, he had no answers. My case is odd. So I have been referred to a physiatrist. Now to wait for an appointment with him. Thankfully I have free time and can be on a cancellation list rather than wait 6 months for an appointment. 

I am now experiencing the entangled feelings of fear, frustration and what on earth are my transferable skills!? in looking for some way to earn an income and move forward in life. Preparing for a job search is a process that I am sure no one is fond of. It is enough to drive one crazy! I know because I was already half way there!  😜

In the meantime I am trying to replenish my sparkle levels and see the bright side in things and not get too wound up about them. I am still adjusting to the new normal that is my life. My body is stiff and makes weird crackling noises when I move. My hair is a daily adventure that takes way too much of my energy. This new-found fear of certain words is a tough one, trying not to let them get the best of me. After all they are just words. 

I sparkle on…one day at a time.   😊

~ back home in Soriano 😃

I have to admit that every time I thought about returning to Soriano over the last few weeks I was a little emotional. It has been 15 months since I returned to Canada for treatment. I wasn’t sure how I would react upon returning, since little by little memories were coming back to me. I was returning to see the people who saw me through months of illness. A side of my health issue my family and friends in Saskatoon did not see. In a way I feel as though I have two lives, two home towns and a really big international family.

So nice to have been picked up at the airport in Roma by Peta and to catch up on the scenic drive to Soriano. Italy is so green and lush right now, remember I have spent the most time here in the winter months, the greenery and summer heat are new to me.

When I arrived in piazza, I almost felt as though I had never left. I went right back to doing the things I always did here. Starting with standing in the doorway of Ai Tre Scalini, smiling and waving at Roberto. It took a moment as he walked toward me and I could see the recognition come to his eyes. Egisto noticed me walking in piazza and a big smile appeared on his face. On to Caffè Centrale to see Federico, Emanuele and Dane for more happy hugs and prosecco #1. On to Bar Roma where I saw Silvia, my Italian teacher from my first stay, and enjoyed prosecco #2. Walking through piazza again and waved at Claudio which illuminated another happy smile. Saw Carla, Valentina as well as Francesco and Fiorella for a quick hello in piazza. Down the stairs to Rottezzia for dinner, where it was nice to see Emanuele, Valentina, Loredana, Giada and Francesco. Nice dinner and fun conversation. A lovely evening and welcoming, I have never had my cheeks squeezed so much.   😃

Back to more of my routine, a morning walk and a coffee in piazza. A quick stop to see the doctor who helped me here last year to say thank you. I think he was quite surprised to see me. Then another surprise to Gabriella, a lovely friend that has skype chats with me in English and Italian. I enjoy seeing the double take and recognition come to friends eyes when they realize I am here again! A little food shopping and saying hello to Fabrizio and Rosana. Even more fun to surprise Carla and Katia in the afternoon, I also got a kiss from cute little Morgana. I ended the day having dinner with Spartaco, he clarified some details of events of my last few days here in May 2015, details of the kindness and compassion of friends that bring tears to my eyes.

Another morning walk makes me smile, some things just stay the same, like the two men that work on the road leading up to Rocca and always walk to the ledge to watch me walk by. I can’t help but smile and chuckle to myself wondering if they recognize me or just watch every woman walk by. Ha! It is entertaining no matter what their reason is. After my walk I enjoyed a nice visit with Rocky and spent the rest of the day relaxing.

I was so happy to see Michele, who was the nurse that came to my apartment daily for two weeks to administer antibiotic injections. We shared many laughs over those two weeks, so it was nice to see him again and have him see me smiling and healthy, and not coughing!

This morning I chatted with Simona, who has a local hardware store and teased me about not needing firewood this visit. Haha!! Thank goodness! Not this trip, instead I need to go shopping for clothing appropriate for hot and sticky summer weather. 

Today was an emotional visit as I had lunch with Sophie. It was wonderful to see her and chat for hours. She and her family are absolute angels for the assistance and support they showed my last year. I have been very concerned about the responsibility Sophie took on in helping me with the last CT scan I had in Italy and picking up the results to communicate them to me. I am eternally grateful for the choices she made that day. I am happy to see that my beautiful friend in doing well and is now happy married.  😃 💞

I have a few more visits planned over the coming weeks. I am excited about all the friends I will see again.  😃  Lots of smiley faces in this post since I feel like I have a permanent smile on my face since I am in Italy again.

I have the same big blue eyes and smile, but my hairstyle is very different, so it’s fantastic to see the light of recognition light up friends faces when they realize it is me, Cinzia!  🤗

Still Sparkling!   😃