Want to commit to exercise? Set a goal!

Yesterday I was reading about setting goals, and it hit me. I haven’t made any goals of what I’d like to achieve by adding exercise into my life. I’m wishy-washy. No wonder I excel at making excuses and procrastination.

Why do I want to exercise? What am I hoping to achieve? Gain strength? Improve flexibility? Lose weight? Fit into the 100+ dresses in my closet? Yes, I know that’s a crazy amount of dresses. It made life easy when I worked in an office, grab a dress, sweater, shoes and go!

I want to achieve all of the above.  I’m tired of being squishy and not fitting into many of my clothes. The option does exist to buy new clothes. However, buying new clothes isn’t the answer.

My goal is to be down 10 lbs, strong and fit in 8 weeks. December 9!

I’ve been hard on myself about exercise lately. Yet when I write down what I’ve done each week, I’m doing something each day. I’m just not pushing my limits. Recognizing that I hold myself back is helpful. I have noticed that doing the YNY warm-up exercises daily makes a big difference. When I do them regularly, I feel relaxed and can move without stiffness and pain. I get the feeling I’ve said this to myself before. Time to start listening to myself.

I worked full-time for the last two weeks and was appreciative of the meal portions in my freezer, both for lunch and dinner. Keep it going and freeze more meals. Note to self: eat more fresh veggies and remember to be aware of portion control.

Fewer hours of daylight continue to challenge me. It’s dark by 6pm, and I run out of steam, ready to go to sleep. I’ve come up with an idea to focus my attention and work on some of the hobbies I enjoy. I’m going to write the hobbies on pieces of paper and place them in a jar. Each evening I will pick one or two and work on those hobbies. It’s been a while since I’ve focused on studying Italian, German, or done any drawing and painting.

The job search continues. Much more efficient with online searching that’s for sure. This helps keep me from getting wound up about the whole process. Definitely, a good thing since this is a topic that can get under my skin.

Been a good few weeks, spend time with family and friends. A little more winter prep in the yard since snow keeps taunting us. Have significantly reduced the amount of time I’m spending online. My iPad informed me yesterday that screen time is down 57% from last week. Interesting to know that it’s tracking my screen time. 😳 Freaks me out a little that it’s suddenly monitoring something that I’ve been talking about doing. Hmmm…I’ll chalk it up to coincidence and leave it at that.

Still working on it!


What does your sign say?

I handle most things in life with a laugh. Many of these things have become stories. These stories are related to the funny things that happen in my life. All of these events result in my asking, ‘what does my sign say?’.

The time I gave my bbq away to a guy passing by in the back lane behind my house, saved me the effort of hauling it away. A few weeks later I received a mysterious package of flowers on my front door step with a name and phone number scribbled on a torn yellow sticky note that read “text me”. Being a little creeped out that I didn’t know anyone by this name, the 18 roses were nice but the creepy factor was greater. The following day one of my colleagues text him and after a little game playing on his end I made the connection and said, it’s BBQ Guy with a look of shock on my face. Kindness is great but can sometimes be misread.

Once I went to speed dating to be supportive of a friend. Yes I went to speed dating, to be supportive of a friend. It was fun and hilarious. Five minutes IS really enough time to know if you want to get to know someone any further. Being the curious one that I am at the end of the evening I checked one name just to see what would happen. The following day I received a call, the lady said ‘oh hi, oh my, you were very popular last night but you only checked one name and he will be calling you.’ haha!! Popular? What followed has become known as the speed dating yogurt date with the guy who giggles more than I do.

While on a work trip in Kazakhstan, the colleague who asked my boss if he could keep me and make me his wife. He renamed me Sasha and was yelling I love you. Yikes!

I needed a ride to the airport when I went to California and have an aunt who sent one of her staff to drive me. We chatted on the drive to the airport, nothing unusual for me. This particular fellow also knows my parents and the next time he saw them he said to my mom ‘hello mother in law’. When she asked how did I become your mother in law? He responded with ‘I saw your daughter’. This was news to me. haha

I took a taxi to pick up my car from the repair shop…a 15 minute ride talking about the book the driver was reading. When I paid for the trip he gave me his card and phone number because I had been so nice to talk with. Wow, another example of when I am just too friendly.

Life in Italy continues to add to this list.

One Wednesday afternoon train cancellation which caused me to take a later train, far too chatty and get invited by this fellow to visit him in his town. Since I am ‘molto simpatico’ once again so nice to chat with. I see a trend… haha

The latest is receiving a friend request on Facebook from a doctor I had seen professionally… within an hour of leaving the office. Wow! That is all I have to say about that.

This takes me to what my sign says. At one time I said to my mom that I must have a sign on my forehead that says ‘stay away from me’. As we laughed about this she suggested I swap it with someone else’s that said something I won’t repeat here, which only made us laugh harder. Since then I believe that we all wear a sign and recently my sign must read “weirdos wanted”. Note to self, change your sign. 🙂

I enjoy my life, it is always an adventure.
Ciao ciao 🙂